Ecommerce Themes – The Secret To Getting A High-End Retail Site For Under $50

Man sitting at computer 200x300 Ecommerce Themes – The Secret To Getting A High End Retail Site For Under $50Ecommerce themes have become the go-to option for businesses that want to launch a world-class Web store – without the hassle and high costs of hiring a web design firm.


But you need to be careful which templates you choose and where you get them from.


What’s the benefit of using an Ecommerce theme?
What are the factors that determine a good theme?
I’m ready for a world-class e-commerce website. Tell me more…


If you’ve considered hiring someone to create your site, then you already know how costly and frustrating it can be.

  • Freelance designers and firms charge thousands of dollars for web design
  • Shopping cart integration often skyrockets the cost when you’re building a site from scratch
  • Designers’ fees are often separate from Web programmers, who charge even more to create your site
  • Even after the site is finished, you’ll have to pay the designers every time you need to make changes, unless you know how to edit the code yourself
  • Finding a talented designer who understands what you’re looking for can be extremely difficult


It doesn’t have to be this way!


By using a powerful e-commerce platform, in conjunction with a great-looking theme, you can launch a world-class ecommerce website for a fraction of the cost and be able to make changes easily, as often as you want.


But with so many different themes and templates out there, it’s critical that you compare your options carefully. Use the information below as a guide to finding high-quality, affordable ecommerce themes that are perfect for your needs.




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Why Use Ecommerce Themes?


Bussiness associates reviewing ecommerce themes 300x199 Ecommerce Themes – The Secret To Getting A High End Retail Site For Under $50An ecommerce theme is basically a website template designed for ecommerce sites. But unlike templates, a theme is designed to be integrated with ecommerce software that provides you with a pre-existing framework for an online store.


For example, a good ecommerce platform will have a built-in shopping cart, add-to-cart functionality and checkout process. All you have to do is choose the look of the site. That’s where the theme comes in.


A theme is already designed for you. You just have to personalize it with your own logo, products and text. This saves an enormous amount of time and money, because you don’t need to build your site from scratch. It’s already built for you.


You just need to make sure your theme is well-designed and a good fit for your business.



How To Spot Great Ecommerce Themes


Look for the latest design trends.
If you find ecommerce themes that look like they were designed in 2005, then you should probably look elsewhere. Choosing a fresh, up-to-date design ensures that your site will stand the test of time. If you’re not sure what designs are “in” right now, check out the sites for some of your favorite retail brands. Look for clean, attractive designs that are easy on the eyes and have lots of white space.


Make sure it’s easy to navigate.
Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Is the theme easy to navigate? Will it be easy for customers to find what they’re looking for?


Always use the demo
Most themes will let you test a “demo” version, so you can get a feel for the site’s look and functionality.


Is it SEO-friendly?
Look for themes that are search-engine optimized, which will help customers find you through sites like Google.


Find your niche
Chances are there is already a great design for your industry. Save time by searching for ecommerce themes that incorporate elements and imagery related to your business.




Create Your Ecommerce Site


With Professional Themes From PrestaDesigner


PrestaDesigner is your source for premium PrestaShop themes. We offer an extensive array of designs for ecommerce sites in nearly every industry. Our themes are available in several different color palettes, layouts from 2-column to 6-column, and in styles for most niches.


 More information about ecommerce platforms and themes available here


Every theme we offer is professionally designed and built for businesses who want a unique, attractive website. Our themes are also optimized for SEO and affordable for any budget at just $49 each.


Browse our themes now to find the perfect site for your business.


PrestaDesigner Call to Action Ecommerce Themes – The Secret To Getting A High End Retail Site For Under $50






Best. Themes. Ever.  I love them and have bought multiple themes for my sites.

Alaine Jobin

I am launching a web of images and paintings of Andalusia and I got advised to used PrestaShop because of the complexity and variations that I offer with my pictures.
I liked the PrestaDesigner theme from the moment I saw them, but I didn’t know the great service that they give, that was great surprise. Every time I’ve got a problem the response is very fast and ?they solve the problem in a moment.
I recommend PrestaDesigner not only for the elegance of their themes but also for their professionalism and excellent response.

Pilar Montes

What else is there to say? PrestaDesigner theme worked well and helped me to get my webshop up quickly. I have noticed it does a better job of converting traffic into sales than the last site that I had.

Joseph Lacasse

As a Web professional, we need often to resort to Ecommerce templates to satisfy our customers. We use PrestaShop templates from PrestaDesigner because our customers love the originality of the templates and because of PrestaDesigner’s professionalism and responsiveness when support issues arise. Thank you again and continue to produce great templates!


I had PrestaDesigner build me my site and I’m very pleased with the result. They went above and beyond to make sure it was completed exactly the way I wanted even though I had a hard time explaining it.

Giovanna Pila

I needed some complex changes made to my site and I contacted PrestaDesigner to do them for me. They fixed all my changes quickly and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. Thank you, PrestaDesigner!

Anbar Shaman

I’m not very computer literate and PrestaDesigner helped me through the whole process of setting up my webshop. They helped me find a good hosting site that would be easy enough for me to use and walked me through the whole installation.

I literally couldn’t have done it without them.

Matilde Legones

As a single mom, I have needed to find ways to make money online so I can still watch my daughter but I don’t have much money. I came to PrestaDesigner and found the perfect theme for me.
My site is now almost up and working and I did it so cheaply I can’t even believe it. The PrestaDesigner support team helped me with all my problems and were very nice to work with!

Jenna Baer

I only have good things to say about PrestaDesigner. Their themes are nice, but the best of all is their customer support. They are great and always there to help.? You can ask one million questions and they always respond.? They care about finding a solution to your problem. They are very professional, they know PrestaShop very well. To me they are people you can trust, I’m very happy with PrestaDesigner and their work.

Albert Cutrona

I have been looking for a good solid theme for my PrestaShop site and immediately found what I was looking for here. Their themes look very professional and whenever I had questions they were very responsive.

Asim Weislaw

Great themes! I really like them. I bought one and it work great.

Visoth Peou

I looked through countless websites and themes and stumbled upon PrestaDesigner. They had exactly what I wanted and they were cheaper than most of the other sites as well.
When I asked them some questions they were very quick to respond and helped me feel good about my purchase.
I would buy from them again.

Frédéric Chalifour

PrestaDesigner did everything I asked and more! They helped me design my site, convert it to PrestaShop, populate it with all the data, and configure it for us. Anytime we had an issue arise, they took care of it quickly and efficiently. I’m so glad I came to PrestaDesigner for my site!

Victoria Southerland

I am a web developer that decided to try the membership program with PrestaDesigner. I have not been disappointed! I have access to all of the themes psd files and have found them very useful. They continue to release great themes every month.

Yolande Vera

We are a website design & hosting company and we are very pleased with the designs and support we have received from Presta Designer. The prices for these themes are remarkably priced very low for the quality you receive and their support to solve a problem is just great.
Thank you PrestaShop Designer!

Vinnie Busnelli

Thanks so much for all you did. My site looks amazing and I can’t thank you enough!

Roman Gazarno

I really liked the responsiveness of the PrestaDesigner team when I had an issue with my site. They even helped me with some of my issues that weren’t related to the theme. Thank you very very much!

Cecelia D. Breckenridge

The PrestaDesigner site made it easy for me to purchase a theme and install it without problems. Thank you.

Randy van de Braak

I saved a whole bunch of money by using PrestaDesigner theme. I was about to pay for someone to make me a theme but then I found PrestaDesigner site and so glad I did!

Frances G. Quesenberry

Logan and his team at Prestadesigner are absolutely fantastic with the best support for themes I’ve ever come across.
Where many groups are reluctant to assist or want to charge extra fees, these guys just jump in and help. I needed to change some menu items on a theme I purchased a couple of years ago and rather than just tell me what was needed Logan added a new module to my theme and set everything up.
Though I’ve only purchased one theme from them, I’m treated as if I’m their biggest customer. You can’t get any better than that and they are certainly going to be getting more business from me.

J. W. McCully Los Angeles

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